St. John's
St. Peter and St. Paul Roman Catholic Church
Bay Bulls

Builder: Casavant Frères Limitée
Ste Hyacingthe, Québec
Op. 1441

Irish Town Road, Bay Bulls, Newfoundland 


Manuals (61 notes)

Great Organ

Open Diapason (8)

Melodia (8)

Dulciana (8)

Principal (4)

Lieblich Flute (4)

Swell Organ

Open Diapason (8)

Stopped Diapason (8)

Gamba (8)

Celeste (8)

Harmonic Flute (4)

Oboe (8)


Pedal Organ (32 notes)

Bourdon (16)

3 Preset Pistons 
for Great and Pedal

3 Present Pistons for Swell 



1. Next to St. John's, Bay Bulls is the best known harbour on the Atlantic Coast, important in peace and war. Old abandoned cannons serve as church gate posts.

2. Bay Bulls is the headquarters for bird and whale-watching tours at the Witless Bay Ecological Reseerve.

3. The organ, the legacy of a popular and far-sighted priest, is a joy to play and has 12 stops and approximately 700 pipes. There is an adequate number of couplers which when judicially used, enhance the sound immensely.