Bay Roberts

Central United
Bay Roberts, Conception Bay North
Estey Organ Company
Brattleborn, Vermont, U.S.A. C 1920 

Bay Roberts NL,
A0A 1G0 

                                                                                 STOP LIST AND NOTE

Manuals (61 notes)

Great Organ

Open Diapason (8)

Clarabella (8)

Dolce (8)

Swell Organ (enclosed)

Salacional (8)

Gedact (8)

Flute d'Amour (4) 

1. Stop and coupler controls are tilting tablets above the swell manual.
2. A full complement of unison, super and sub, reversible, expression, crescendo and unison off controls are present.
3. The action is tubular pnewmatic.

4. This organ was installed after the Great War (1914-1918) as a memorial to the members of the congregation who died in the defence of freedom.

Pedal Organ (32 notes)

Bourdon (16)