Brigus United Church
Brigus, Conception Bay North

Builder: Bevington and Sons, Soho, London, 1874
Installed 1876

This organ is on record as being the oldest organ on the Island of Newfoundland,
the oldest being located at the Moravian Church in Hopedale, Labrador.

Brigus United Church
Opened Sunday, May 23, 1875
PO Box 219, Brigus, NL, Canada, A0A 1K0



 Manual (56 notes)

Diapason (8)

Principal (4)

Gedact (8)

Harmonic Flute (4)

Mixture (II & III)

Bell Gamba (8)

Stopped Bass (8)

Cornopean (8) prepared

(24 notes, radiating flat)

Bourdon (16)

Double Diapason (16), 



  • 1. There are approximately 450 pipes, all enclosed except the Diapason 8, Principal 4 and Bourdon 16, and are controlled by a lockdown swell pedal
  • 2. The organ was pumped by hand until 1953. Tracker action.
  • 3. Besides being the oldest organ in Newfoundland (on the island), it is probably the oldest Bevington organ in North America.
  • 4. It was bought for $1100.00 during an identifiable period of prosperity in Newfoundland.
  • 5. This organ was, as were most organs at the time, installed by John Bray Ayre, a philantrophist, an organist and a director of Ayre and Sons Ltd., St. John's, Music Department