St. James Anglican Church
Carbonear, Conception Bay North
Builder: Positive Organ Company
Op 262 1900
Cassons Patent 

13 Bond St
Carbonear, NL
A1Y 1C4, Canada


Manual (44 notes)

Double Bass (16, 12 pipes)

Melodia Viol (8, 24 pipes)

Viol (8, 44 pipes)

Open Diapason (8, 44 pipes)

Gedact Bass (8, to middle C)

Gedact (8, above middle C)

Dulcet Bass (8, to middle C)

Dulcet Treble (8, above middle C)



1. This is a small, beautiful to behold one manual without pedal tubular pneumatic organ originally pumped by two foot pedals, but now with an electric blower. It has 210 pipes, a knee activated crescendo level and there is an interesting division of certain stops at middle C.

2. It is an unconventional organ, but people are so pleased with the way it leads humn singing that they are planning to have it restored.

3. In the back gallery there is an abandoned derelict barrel organ.