Clarke's Beach

 Clarke's Beach United Church
Clarke's Beach, Conception Bay North

Builder: Forester and Andrews
1900 (Installed 1900)
Hull, England

P.O. Box 2, Clarke's Beach
Conception Bay, A0A 1W0


Manual (56 notes)

Organ Diapason (8)

Stopped Diapason (8)

Dulciana (8)

Principal (4)

Flute (4)

Pedal (25 notes in a flat pedal board with radiating keys)

Bourdon (16, 25 pipes)

The manual stops are permanently coupled to Pedal.



1. Action is tubular pneumatic and tracker.

2. There is no swell pedal – all pipes are enclosed.

3. Pictures show a magnificent front case.

4  This organ is not in working order. When the organ was being moved to repair the ceiling, something apparently felt and damaged pipes and action of the lower half of the keyboard of the keyboard. It possibly could be restored to its former glory.