Coley's Point

St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church
Coley's Point, Conception Bay North
Builder: Casavant Frères Limitée
Ste Hyacingthe, Québec, Op 1970


Manual (61 notes)

Bourdon (16)

Montre (8)

Prestant (4)

Dulciana (8)

Dulcet (4)

Bourdon (8)

Flute (4)

Quint (2⅔)

Piccolo (2)

1. This is a direct electric action unit organ with three extended ranks, Dourdon Biapason and Dulciana, providing nine stops from upwards of 200 pipes. There is no pedal keyboard.

2. The organ is unenclosed, but by activating the crescendo mechanism with a knee level, an amazingly smooth crescendo can be produced.

3. Except for a knee action lever rather than a foot pedal for the crescendo mechanism, this organ is identical with the one at the Catholic Basilica in Labrador City.

4. This organ had some technical difficulties in its early life, but now appears to be sounding extremely well.

5. For more thoughts on the pros and cons of unit organs, refer to organs at Gander (St. Martin's Anglican), St. Anthony (United), Labrador City (Basilica), St. John's (St. David's Presbyterian)