St. John's
George Street United Church
St. John's

130 George St., with office entrance at 25 Buchanan St. 

Builder: Rodgers Instrument Corporation
Hillsboro, Oregon

This organ is the Oxford 945 instrument, a hybrid with ranks of principal and flute pipes on a great manual. The 50 others are electronic voices which are not identifiable by the nomenclature on the stop knobs.

However, the church has a long tradition of musical excellent, winning choral competitions and presenting Lenten performances of Messiah. It as also served for almost 50 years by a large three manual Bevington organ, whose case still adorns the sanctuary, and by outstanding organists.

However, its notorious downtown location is not conducive to traditional spiritual matters but its outreach program are an outstanding public service to those who drop by.

It has been, and still is, a bastion of Methodist philosophy, having been supported by many leading merchants, sea captains and intellectuals. Legend has it that one pastor, known for his eloquence, admonished his congregation with this couplet from Newfoundland’s best known bard, Johnny Burke.

“All good Methodists say their prayers and buy their goods from Steers and Ayres.”

The congregation is surviving very well on George Street.