Harbour Grace

St. Paul's Anglican Church
Harbour Grace, Conception Bay North
Builder: Chappell Company
England, 1877
The second oldest organ in the province -- 135 years old

Cochrane Street, PO Box 341
Harbour Grace, NF A0A 2M0


Manual (56 notes)

Open Diapason
(8 - tenor C -- 44 pipes)

Stopped Flute
(8 - 12 notes)

(8 tenor C - 44 pipes)

Principal (4 - 56 pipes)

Lieblich Gedact
(8 - tenor C - 44 pipes

Pedal Organ

Bourdon 16 - 13 pipes

Coupler (Pedal to Keys) 


1. A lock-down swell pedal controls all the ranks except the Bourdon 16 and the Open Diapason 8

2. The organ contains approximately 215 pipes, has tracker action and was hand pumped until 1948.

3. This church, built in 1837, is one of the few stone churches in rural Newfoundland, and is an architectural gem, particularly in its setting.

4. At one stage in its history, Harbour Grace rivaled St. John's in size and influence, and its church is appropriately impressive.