Hopedale, Labrador

Moravian Church
Hopedale, Labrador

Builder: E. F. Walcher,Ludwigsburg
Germany, 1847
Oldest organ in Newfoundland

An acknowledgement to Tom Gordon for many of these pictures.


Manual (54 notes)

Salicional (8)

Gedact (8)

Fugara (4)

Flautino (2)



1. This organ is tracker action with about 220 pipes, has no pedal board and was pumped by foot pedals until 1985 when an electric blower was installed.

2. Attempts are being made to adequately refurbish this instrument to pristine condition.

3. There have apparently been organs in Nain, Battle Harbour and Makkovik but it seems Hopedale is the only one surviving on the Labrador coast.

4. The Moravian missionaries brought to Labrador 250 years ago these wide repertoire of choral and instrumental music, much of which still plays a significant role in the cultural life of the coastal communities.

5. Organ installed in Okak in 1847, but was moved to Hopedale when Okak was resettled in the early 1900s.