St. John's
Corpus Christi Roman Catholic Church
Killbride, St. John's West

Builder: Forester and Andrews
Hull, England

260 Waterford Bridge Rd, St. John's, NL A1E 1E2


Manual (56 notes)

Open Diapason (8)

Principal (4)

Dulciana (8)

Holflute (8)

Voix Celeste (8)

Pedal (30 notes)

Bourdon (16 - 12 pipes)

Keys to Pedal Coupler 



1. All pipes are enclosed except the Diapason 8 and the Bourdon 16, and are controlled by a lock-down foot lever.

2. The action is Tracker, with slider chests and approximately 300 pipes

3. The organ was originally installed in the United Church in Botwood, the gift of a philantropic parishoner. It eventually found its way to Kilbride after about 50 years.

4. The organ was originally hand-blown but now has an electric blower.