Labrador City, Labrador

Basilica of Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Labrador City, Labrador

Builder: Casavant Frères Limitée

Ste Hyacingthe, QuébecOp. 2301

P. O. Box 310. 1 Sutton Way
Labrador City NL A2V 2K6


Manual: (61 notes)

Montre (8)

Bourdon (8)

Dulciane (8)

Prestant (4)

Bourdon (16 – 26 pipes)

Flute (4)

Dulcet (4)

Quinte ( 2⅔)

Picolo (2)


1. This organ is identical to the one in Coley’s Point, with two very small differences – the Crescendo mechanism is activated by a foot pedal, and the Dulciana stop tablet has become Dulciane in Labrador.

2. The organ was installed originally in Schefferville, Quebec, but on the abandonment of the mine and town, the Episcopal Seat and the organ were moved to Labrador City in 1981.

3. The organ is a direct electric unit organ with three extended ranks – a diapason, a flute and a dulciane – expanding it to nine stops. There is no pedal clavier, but the Bourdon 16 extends up 2 actaves to middle C. There are about 250 pipes.

4. For more thoughts on the pros and cons of unit organs, see Twillingate Anglican, Carbonear Anglican, Bay Bulls Roman Catholic and Memorial University, St. John’s.