St. John's

The Masonic Temply (formerly)

Builder: August Gren
London, England
c. 1890-1900

 6 Cathedral Street, St. John's, NL A1C 3Y3


Great Organ (58 notes)

Flauto Traverso (4)

Lieblich Gedact (8)
Dulciana (8)

Open Diapason (8)

Swell Organ (enclosed)

Open Diapason (8)

Hohlflute (8)

Gamba (8)

Gemshorn (4)

Oboe (8)


Pedal Organ (29 notes)

Bourdon (16)

Bass Flute (8) 



1. This is a very unique and rare organ by a builder who was an outstanding pioneer in the development of non-mechanical wind chest systems which were the forerunner of the pit-man action so universally used even today.

2. The Gern action is effective, but is complicated to produce and very difficult to service. Consequently the instrument has been a long time awaiting the skills and resources to make it work.

3. The case is of walnut and is in two parts: one containing the Great and Pedal organs, the other the Swell organ. Between these is the console. Action is pneumatic, generated by an electric blower.

4. It is almost certainly the only organ by this builder in North America, and only a few remain in England.