St. John's
St. David's Presbytyerian Church
St. John's

Builder: Casavant Frères Limitée
Ste Hyacingthe, Québec
Op. 2546

98 Elizabeth Ave.,
St. John's, NL A1B 1R8


Manuals (73 notes)

Great Organ

Lielich Gedact (16)

Open Diapason (8)

Rohr Flute (8)

Salicional (8)

Dulciana (8)

Octave (4)

Lieblich Flute (4)

Dulcet (4)

Nazard (2⅔)

Swell to Great Coupler

Swell Organ (enclosed)

Contra Dulciana (16)

Rohr Flute (8)

Salicional (8)

Dulciana (8)

Salicet (4)

Lieblich Flute (4)

Dulcet (4)

Nazard 2⅔)

Piccolo (2)

Tierce 1⅗)


Pedal Organ (32 notes)

Boudon (16)

Octave (8)

Cello 8

Stopped Flute (8)

Dulcet (4)

Great to Pedal

Swell to Pedal  



1. The specification of this organ is identical with the one at St. Martin’s Anglican Cathedral in Gander. The tonal resources consist of 5 extended ranks of pipes, upwards of 350 pipes, the added pipes in each rank enable the builder to draw off the sound of each rank at different pitches. For example, the Open Diapason 8 foot stop is also drawn upon for the Octave 4 and the Fifteenth 2 by adding 24 additional pipes to the usual 61 pipe rank. This unique scheme gives smaller organs a much greater variety of sound at the softer bolume levels, but compromises somewhat the tonal quality at fortissimo.

2. This congregation is the oldest Protestant Dissenting Church in St. John’s, founded in 1775 and located on Queen’s Road. It emerged as Queen’s Road Congregational Church and became Presbyterian in 1938. The congregation moved to Elizabeth Avenue in 1959 and changed its name to St. David’s Presbyterian Church.

For more thought on the pros and cons of unit organs, see Coley’s Point, Gander, St. Anthony and Labrador City.