Collectivite Territoriale de Saint-Pierre et Miquelon
Cathédrale de Saint - Pierre

 Facteur d'orgue: Casavant Frères Limitée
Ste Hyacinthe, Quebec
Op. 1510

From Fortune on Newfoundland, St-Pierre Tours (709-832-0429, 800-563-2006;; 5 Bayview St, Fortune) operates two ferries to St-Pierre.


Grand Orgue - 61 notes

Montre (8)

Mélodie (8) (flute)

Dulciane (8)

Prestant (4)

Doublette (20

Mixture (III)

Tranmission pneumatique

AccouplementsRecit grave/Grand Orgue

Recit/Grand Orgue

Recit aigu/Grand Orgue

Grand Orgue grave

Recit grave 

Recit (ext)

Principal violon (8)

Bourdon (8) bois

Voile de Gambe (8)

Voix Celeste (8)

Flute Harmonique (4)

Sesquialtera (II)


Grand Orgue/Pedale

Grand Orgue aigu/PedaleRecit aigu/Pedale

Grand Orgue aigu
Recit aigu

Pedalier (32 notes)

Bourdon (16)

Flute (8) 



1. The specification has been written in the language of St. Pierre, which will be no problem for organ folk. The words “grave” and “aigu” refer to couplers – “sub” and “super” respectively.

2. The first organ installed after the 1902 fire was built by Martin Cavaille Coll “de la celebre maison parisienne”. For several reasons, climate being the most serious, the organ was not considered to be repairable in 1935. The Casavant organ was installed behind the Cavaille Coll facade.

3. There were few communities in 1935 depression years capable of capital expenses such as buying a new organ. St. Pierre, apparently, and for good reason, was not one of those.

4. The church is large and commodious, and its seating pattern is in the Basque style, where the gentlemen sat on benches in the gallery and the ladies in pews on the main floor.

5. Friends in St. Pierre were most hospital and happy to be included in a catalogue of Newfoundland organs. Our islands are very close, and music is the universal language.