Stanley, Falklands

Christ Church Cathedral
Stanley, Falkland Islands

Builder: Telford & Telford
Dublin, 1893


Swell Organ (enclosed)

Oboe (8)

Fifteenth (2)

Octave (4)

Salicional (8)

Swell to Pedal

Swell to Great

Great Organ

Octave (4)

Stop Diapason (8)

Gamba (8)

Open Diapason (8) 

Pedal Organ (30 notes)

Bourdon  (16)

There are two manuals, nine stops,
466 pipes and tracker actions,
now electrified.


1. This organ is in the most southerly cathedral in the world, although, surprisingly, Stanley is a part of the Archdiocese of Canterbury.

2  Next to Mount Everest, the South Pole is arguably the most inaccessible place on earth.

3. It is likely that no pipe organ exists closer to Everest than Stanley does to the South Pole.

4.  Do you think I've lived up to my grandchildren's expectations? If so, I'm happy.