St. Paul's Anglican Church
Trinity, Trinity Bay

Builder: Bevington and Sons
London W
Installed: 1905


Manual (56 notes)

Organ Diapason )8)

Clarabella (8)

Dulciana (8)

Principal (4)

Flute (4)

Pedal (30 notes)

Bourdon (16 – 13 pipes)



1. The organ is tracker action with approximately 300 pipes, all enclosed except Bourdon and Diapason. The Manual is permanently coupled to the Pedal and it is the only organ in the province which is still pumped only by hand.

2. The hymn "We Love the Place, O God" was written by the Rector, Dean William Bullock (1798-1874) for the dedication of the second St. Paul’s Church, Trinity.

3.  The church and the organ play a permanent role in the Trinity pageant, an historic drama presented each summer in this heritage community.