Trinity United Church
Winterton, Trinity Bay South

Builder: Bevington & Sons, 1884
London W


Manual (56 notes)

Swell Organ (enclosed)

Clarabella (8)

Cornopean (8)

Dulciana (8) Tenor C

Flute Harmonique (4)

Full Mixture (3 ranks)

Great Organ

Open Diapason (8)

Principal (4)

Pedal Organ (30 notes)

Open Diapason (16’)



1.     Stops on the left jamb are listed Swell (enclosed) and on the right Jamb are listed Great, both played from the same manual.

2.      It is the oldest organ in this collection with (a) an open 16 (b) a full mixture, (c) a chorus reed and (d) pre-set general pistons.

3.     The organ originally served the Alexander Street Church in St. John’s from 1884-1908, and after three years in the new Wesley Methodist Church, it came to the new church in Winterton in 1911.